Berry Picking!

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So as it turns out, the dirt road we drive to get to the stone quarry just happens to go along an area that's great for berry picking. A couple times we passed a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road, and didn't think much of it. On this last run to the quarry we decided to stop, figuring they may be picking blueberries. And wouldn't you know it, not five feet from the road was a blueberry patch.

Well, we weren't planning on picking today, so we didn't have much for collecting them in. Rummaging around our car, we came up with a small woven basket and a cup. And away we went. Wow, our very first blueberry picking. I couldn't believe how many blueberries there were! The road wasn't much traveled so I was ok with picking them. But we found ourselves going deeper into the bush anyway. We just kept on a'pickin. Phoenix was loving it too! Then Patricia spotted a raspberry bush with nice juicy raspberries just waiting to be picked. So we picked them too, of course.

The further we went into the bush the more raspberries we found, and the larger the blueberries got. We were just having a hay day. Especially Phoenix. At first she was putting them all in her cup, but soon it was "One for the cup, and one for me. One for the cup and one for me. One for the cup and one for me." You get the idea.

We could have been there all day, but we still had to get stone. So we took our time making our way back to the car, picking berries along the way. I don't know, maybe an hour later, if that, we had a full basket of blue and red berries. Patricia wanted to make a pie with them, and I wanted to try making jam. Neither of us wanting to give in, we compromised with muffins.

It's still early in the season, so we plan on going out again. Maybe on a day when we don't have to get stone, and just spend all day just picking berries. We'll take bigger baskets and also a radio to chase any bears away. Then we will surely have enough to make a pie and jam, and then some. I was told earlier that people go out blueberry picking around here, but I didn't know they were so plentiful. I'll tell you what, the berry bushes are everywhere out there. It's hard to walk around while trying not to step on them. We scouted around the quarry and it is just as plentiful there.

We can't wait to go out again.


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Thats awesome! When we go out here, the only think that plentiful are dog droppings because people here don't pick up after their animals!

Ohh, and what kind of music do bears hate so much they leave? THAT info could be handy to have.

By Rick
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Shoot, you can play anything you want, just as long as it's not an ambient type music such as 'The Ramblings of a Babbling Brook', or 'The Spawning Salmon Splash', or worse yet '101 Distress Calls of Wild Animals'. I like talk radio myself.

By David
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How awesomely cool and what great pics! I'm so jealous. :-)

By Rachel
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I would be in heaven with all these berries!!!! Lucky you's!!!!

By Criddles
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Well little sister, if you come up for a visit during late July or early August we can take you out to the bush and you can pick all the berries you want. Just don't turn big and blue or will have to juice you like in Willy Wonka.

By David