The Billy Goats Gruff motto, and an update

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"Get what you can, and use what you got."

That's the Billy Goats Gruff motto, and one I think many of us can stand by. Even more so by the monetarily challenged. At least that's what I've gathered from our experiences. There were many things that we needed, could have used, or simply just wanted, but didn't have the money to afford them. Sometimes we went on living without those things, but there were other times when our resourcefulness, creativity and desire provided for us. So we stand strong and proud by our motto. We have lived by it over and over, and will continue to do so as our homesteading journey continues.

So that's our motto..., and now for the update. Currently, we're not in a position to do any major homesteading endeavors like growing a large garden, or building on a large scale. Heck, we can't really build anything outside right now. We have moved into a condo, in the city, to care for Patricia's mother. Her affliction requires 24hr. supervision along with caring for her day-to-day needs. We've reluctantly settled into the condo life, and painfully miss living on the borders of the wild and beautiful forest. But on the brighter side, the three of us get to spend the time with her grandma.

As far as homesteading goes, we'll be concentrating on more of the 'sheltered' type of homesteading skills like sewing, cooking and crafting. We've done some of these skills in the past, and unfortunately didn't think it important to document them. I'll post pictures of the final products, and try and describe them as best I can, but there won't be any step-by-step pictures, as I've done in the past. But you can be sure, anything we do from here on out that we feel is homestead oriented, we'll keep better documentation. We also have yet to blog about the earthen plaster we put on the cob studio. That one should be along shortly.

But until then, here are a few pictures we took of the aftermath, of the recent ice storm that blew through here. Enjoy!