Bit By Little Bit.

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Well, it was scheduled to have the roofing delivered over this past weekend but sadly it didn't happen. Not only was the lumber company late receiving it from the supplier, but we also didn't have the money to seal the deal. So it's there sitting in their yard waiting. But this Friday we will be making the final payment and hopefully be installing the metal on Saturday. But, even though we didn't roof over the weekend, we did do a few other things that were needed.

First off, we had to strap the roof. There was nothing to this really, just nailing the 1x4's at 2' o.c. onto the rafters. While I was up on the roof doing the measuring and nailing, Patricia was on the ground dishing out the materials and doing the cutting. It went pretty smooth. I also added a couple of valley rafters at the dormer. We were then going to put up the roofing paper, but decided on waiting for the metal just in case a strong wind comes along. But at least the strapping is done. The added bonus was that now we were able to take down our tee-pee brace. With the strapping on, the roof can hold itself up. So, I pulled off the brace and proceeded to take the tee-pee down. This was a family event, hehe. The way I tied the tee-pee left a long length of rope dangling from the tip. Perfect for pulling. So, Patricia cleared an area where the tee-pee would fall, and I made a few loops in the rope for hand holds. I made sure to put a loop at the very end so Phoenix would have an easy time pulling. Now we were ready to bring it down. We each took a piece of rope and began to pull as if we were storming a castle and pulling down a wall. Well actually, it was a very, very easy pull. Phoenix could have probably done it herself... almost. Slowly the tee-pee tipped, tilted and toppled. And now the cob studio is standing all by itself, without the tee-pee interfering. Much better.

Next we decided to work on the gable end at the west wall. I first had to frame in the 'deck'. It's not much of a deck, maybe more like a ledge. Basically it's a short 16" deck that's framed into the framework of the gable. It's main purpose it so shield the wall from driving rain, but I suppose it could be used as a shelf to put a few light items on like maybe a rake and shovel. Anyway, I framed that in and then pulled out the roofing paper. I stapled the roofing paper onto the wall for a moisture barrier. No problems there. And now it was time to put up some siding. We pulled out a few lengths of our reclaimed cedar siding and got to work. Again, nothing too difficult. We started on the bottom and worked up. The first one had to be notched for the deck framing, but the rest were just straight runs. We got to the bottom of the window at the peak before we had to call it a day. So there are a few more rows left to do, but they need to be trimmed and fit around the window. But hey, is it ever starting to look nice.

So there you have it. Another weekend with a fair amount of progress. Bit by bit, we are getting it done. It's great when even a small portion of the work can really change the look of it. It makes if feel like we got a lot done. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the progress in this blog. Our flaky camera flaked out on us again. And this time even Patricia can't get it going. She's sure it's the battery so we're going to look into getting another one. Maybe we'll have pictures for our next blog.