Cob Studio Blues.

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Well, it's not looking very bright. We had hoped to be at 4-1/2' on the wall by today, but we only made it to 3'. At this rate we will not make the deadline by the end of the month. It's nice to have Patricia home on the weekends to work on the cob, but there are still other things that need to get done, and there has been a decent amount of rain to boot. If we keep up this pace, we'll be into mid September before we are finished the walls. And depending on the weather, at that point we may not finish the building this season.

There are a couple things that might help our situation. We are now at the point of adding windows, so each batch of cob will stretch that much further. Patricia had also mention that she may be able to take a few days off of work. That will help out a lot if she can swing that deal. If the sky clears up and can stay that way, I can probably get more done during the week. But we are still pressing on.

Yesterday, Patricia and I were talking about building our own home when the time comes. The construction of this building provided us with a lot of information we could use when we build our own home. For one, it will definitely take more than one season to build it. We could get the foundation finished, and maybe even the stem wall, in the first season, but would have to finish the rest of the home in the following season. Also, many of the operations were our firsts, so hopefully the second time around will go a little faster. In addition, when the studio is finished and in use, we can see what works, what doesn't and what needs to be modified.

But so far the wall is looking great! They are going up nice and straight. I put in a deadman on the hinge side of the door and encased it into the wall. I'll be putting another in at the upper portion of the door. I figured if I didn't, the heavy door will pull the frame out of the cob. I set a log into the wall running horizontally so that I can attach a counter onto it. As I mentioned, the windows are ready to set. I can't wait to see these inside the wall. We have some pretty good, custom windows that I think will look really nice. I'm going to try not to spoil them in my blogs, so you'll have to wait for pictures. Suspenseful eh?

Over the weekend Patricia managed to get the camera working again! She says it was an easy fix. Anyway, we have some new pictures for ya.

A quick picture of the ports and ledge in the trombe wall.


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Your walls look great and I LOVE the picture of Phoenix at the top. :-D

By Rachel
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Thanks! Patricia really likes that picture too. Maybe tomorrow I'll put some more in our snapshots.

By David