An Evening With a Giant.

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Here's a blog that's a little late in the telling. A couple of weekends ago we had to take a short trip into Thunder Bay for a medical exam. From where we're at, it's not really a hop, skip and jump away, so we knew we were looking at an overnighter. And as far as Patricia was concerned, she couldn't have been happier. Without a second thought, she knew exactly where we would stay for the night. With the Giant!

The Sleeping Giant that is. It's a pretty prominant land feature in Thunder Bay. A long peninsula that looks a lot like a giant lying down. It's a provincial park and has a couple of campgrounds on it. Patricia has always wanted to camp on the Giant, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We got to looking at the park online, and planned out our stay. The website even shows pictures of each campsite along with a short descriptions. We found one that looked pretty good. It was on the end so it had good privacy, it shared an outhouse with one other site, was shaded and had a nice view of the lake. We also invited Dorothy and Aidan to come along with us. This would be Aidan and Phoenix's first time camping. Living in a tent, Phoenix is pretty well accustomed to the experience, but nonetheless, she was really excited about the trip.

With one car and five heads, we didn't have much room for a typical camping trip. So all we took with us was a change of clothes, a tent and our bedding. It was only for one night after all. Along the road trip Aidan started us on the 20 Question game, but it turned out to be the 100 question game. 20 questions was just not enough. When we got into Thunder Bay we stopped in at Patricia's brothers house and picked up a pot for making coffee and tea. We also stopped at a grocery store and picked up the making of smores and weenies on a stick.

Alas we arrived at the campsite. The sun was getting close to setting, so we didn't waste any time pitching the tent and starting a fire. By the time Dorothy and I got back from filling up our jug of water, the fire was a'blazin. We sharpened a couple of sticks started cooking our hotdogs over the fire. But why eat hotdogs when there were smores to be had? Needless to say, the hotdog roasting was short lived. Phoenix had her first open fired smore, and she loved it. Well of course she did, it's full of sugar! There were no spooky stories told this night, but maybe next time.

We finished the evening warming up beside the fire. Now I guess I'm a hardened camper because everyone else went straight to bed shortly after eating their smores. As much as I wanted to stay up and poke around at the fire, it was just to nice of an evening to spend alone. So I rushed the fire to die out, and crawled into the tent for the night.

We took our time the following morning. Sipping on tea and coffee. We visited the empty camp site next to us, and found it was a bit nicer than the one we were at. Next time were gonna shoot for that one. We took some final pictures and started loading up to take care of our original business. I took my exam, we stopped at a few stores and then headed back home. All together the trip turned out really well. We would have liked to spend more than one night camping, but we'll have to wait for another time. At least we can say we camped on the Sleeping Giant.

Here are a few pictures we took. Enjoy!