Have You Been to Outer Space?

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Have you been to outer space? Phoenix and I have, and let me tell you, it was one of the best adventures I've ever had. One morning last week she and I were starting our day just like any other. She'd watch her morning cartoons, while I finished up my second cup of coffee and perused through the internet. It was going to be a nice clear day. The kind that's great for cobbing, but something pulled my attention to Phoenix and I began to wonder what she would do that day. What kinds of things spark her interest. Well, what better way to find out than to ask. At that moment I decided to the Abyss with cobbing! I was going to spend the afternoon with Phoenix, and not as a father, but as a playmate.

So I sprung the question, "Phoenix, do you want to go on an adventure?".
With her attention still predominantly on her show she said, "Well sure."
Well I wasn't about to squash her creativity, so I persisted, "So what kind of adventure do you want to go on? Where do you want to go?"
She faced me and began tapping her finger to her lips. She said, "Hmm. How about outer space?"
Enthusiastically I said, Wow! Ok, are you ready? Lets go!"

I was nearly floored by what I saw next. Her face lit up like the fireworks finale on Independence Day. She jumped out of her seat saying, "Come on Papa. Come on. Let's go to outer space." I wasn't sure if I had made a mistake. Was she thinking I was really going to take her into outer space? I started getting a knot in my stomache thinking how much I was about to let her down. Luckily I didn't have to tell her. Her imagination and my participation is all she needed.

So I asked her, "So Phoenix, what do we need first?". Right away she said a space ship. But I said that we may need space suits first. So I pulled out two sets of space suits. We climbed into our suits, slid on our boots and gloves, and lastly we put out helmets on. Now it was time for our space ship. "Wait!", I told her. "We don't have a space ship. We need to make one. How can we make one?" Again she tapped her finger to her lips with a 'Hmm'. I told her I knew just the thing that would be perfect.

So we took a short trip out to the back of the property where, tucked away behind the stable and covered with brush, stood an old dashboard of a motor boat. Complete with steering wheel and gauges. Tip-top! I lugged that thing all the way back to our 'space station'. She was so excited she wanted to take of right then and there. But I said, "Wait! We need to fix our space ship first." She kinda gave me a weird look, but it turned back into smiles when I brought out my tool box. We 'opened up the engine' and got to work. We could have used it the way it was, but I thought it could use a couple of tweaks. The steering wheel was locked and she couldn't turn it. So I disconnected an unknown part which freed it loose. I also turned the gauges so that they were right side up. Phoenix noticed some loose wires and 're-routed them through the system'. I helped her make the wire connections.

All the electronics and mechanics in good working order, all was left were to rustle up some seats. I had some brick and pieces of cinder block lying around and constructed up a couple of nice cockpit seats. Ahh, finally we were ready to go. With Captain Phoenix behind the wheel and her engineer/navigator sitting shotgun, we were ready for blast off. We made a mental checklist of things to do before take off. Here's how it went before each take-off:

Seat belts - "Check"
Steering - "Check"
Gauges - "Check"
Thrusters - "Check"
Wing flaps - "Check"

After a few take-offs, she was calling out the list with me and doing all the hand gestures that went along with them. And did I tell you I set a drum along side me? I'm not sure what kind of drum it is but it has a band of small loose chains that run right across the drum head. Anyway, during take-off and in-flight, I'd rattle the chains on the drum to try and achieve a rocket-type sound effect for our engine. All together, our ship was the cats meow.

So where did we go? All sorts of places. We explored planets and moons, and even a couple of asteroids. We checked our map and decided where to go next. We even looked for, and found, space treasure! We had so much fun building our space ship and exploring outer space together. But even astronauts get hungry. So we land our ship back on earth and went inside to make some lunch.

It's amazing how much imagination kids have. Phoenix pretty much led the whole expedition. And, I had no idea that she was even interested in space ships and outer space. And just think, it only took a few props to really set her imagination on fire. I don't know what else she may have planned for our next adventure, but I hope I can provide her with a few materials to go along with it. I'm sure I'll come up with something. I think adventures like these will help encourage her imagination and creativity and most definitely will become part of our homeschooling.

Here is a picture of our space ship. (You may need to use your imagination a little bit.)


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THAT was absolutely beautiful. :-) It sounds like an awesome adventure and we [Mari and I] can't wait to see the pictures of your spaceship.

By Rachel
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Thanks! Yeah, I wish we had brought along our camera to take pictures of all the cool things we saw.

By David
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When you guys came back, did you get quarantined? Some of the asteroids you likely visited in Sector 3S have not been cleared by Corp...

By Rick
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We had magic space suits that are invincible to all manner of contamination. But just to be safe, we did wash our hands before lunch.

By David
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I love the spaceship. :-) I remember one of the favorite things we enjoyed playing with at a daycare when I was small was an old wooden boat set in the yard. The soil had seeped in and weeds grow up around; but, we had many an adventure in that boat. Phoenix will always remember these great adventures and, especially, that her daddy was with her.

By Rachel