Herb garden plants

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We went searching for specific seeds at some nurseries in Dryden and came away with Catnip. Apparently, these are best grown as hanging plants near the doors to deter nasty mosquitoes. You can also use a little catnip for an evening herbal tea. To help your relax & sleep. Another purchase was Lemon Balm seeds. This one grew really well, when I used a Styrofoam dish lined with soaked paper towels. They all sprouted and had nice green heads on them. I then transplanted them to pots and was hardening them off at the top of the stairs, when the whole lot of them went crashing down the stairs and landed at the bottom. I was only able to save two plants. The others I went with, as seedlings were Lavender ( two different varieties), Sage, Rosemary, Chives, Parsley and Crawling Thyme. I then purchased three starter seeds from Canadian Tire. They were a part of a herb kit, not something I was too keen on buying, but I could not find them as seeds. Oregano, Basil and Cilantro. They just didn't sprout the way I expected them to. In fact, the Basil did not take at all. Very disappointed.

I have been trying to keep my garden weed free, I usually have my first cup of coffee in the morning, in the garden while I inspect for weeds :-)


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Sounds like a good morning to me.  :-)  

By Rachel
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I really enjoy checking out your garden, so pretty and tidy! Can't wait to read your blog on all those glass bricks we unloaded last night!

By Jack's Rider