Just Cobbing Along.

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Well, we are still cobbing and trying to stay on track. We had a storm come through, so not much was done on Tuesday. Today was a bit better. We got a lot of wind which can get in the way at times, but at least there wasn't any rain. We also had a few more visitors come by to see what we are doing. We enjoy talking to them and telling them of our plans. We even had a couple of kids jump on in and give us a hand laying the cob up on the walls. We thought that was pretty cool. Who knows, maybe someone will come along wanting to learn how to do it, and decide to give us a hand so that they can learn hands-on. That would be nice.

But so far it has pretty much been just the two of us. Cobbing isn't all that difficult. It's not very strenuous work, nor does it leave us panting and out of breath. Working alone gets kinda boring because the work is a no brainer. So it's really nice to have Patricia working along side me, talking about the going-ons of our days. It's kinda like going out for a walk. We are just walking in place. Plus, the wall is going up twice as fast. She's on her tarp and I'm on mine, each making our own batch of cob. Phoenix is usually running around causing ruckus.

How's cobbing so far? Not bad at all. I set up a screen over the clay to screen out the small pieces and fill up a 55 gallon barrel. Then I'll move the same screen over the sand to screen off the larger rocks. We scoop one bucket of clay and two of sand and pour them on the tarp. A few rolls with the tarp, and then we add the water. I gotten a good feel of just how much water it takes, which has decreased the amount of times I have to roll the water in. And then we add the straw. Again I've gotten a good handle on how much straw to add for each roll to end up with a good looking piece of cob And as long as the materials stay constant, the ratios stay constant. I generally only have to make adjustments when the sand has gotten wet after a rain shower. But the mixing time is getting shorter.

I've gotten a good knack at laying the cob as well. I fiddle with it a lot less than when I started. And as with the mix, laying the cob is taking less time. It's too bad I have to wait until the weekend to devote some good hard time to building the wall. I spent Monday cobbing all day, and Phoenix wasn't very happy with that. And really, I wasn't too happy with it either. So on Tuesday, during the rain, I made it up to her. Actually, she had come down with a cold, so I got to do some extra cuddling.

So aside from the time constraint, cobbing is simple,and I'm getting faster at it. It's funny, after reading books,and different things online, I had the feeling that cobbing was going to be tough. That I'd be desperate for some extra hands to help with the burden. But after learning the ropes, the work is not all that hard. Even Patricia thinks so. Oh, it would be great to get some help, but more so that we can get the job done faster. Hey, maybe I can have a bbq over the weekend to entice some locals to get their hands and feet dirty. We'll have to give that some serious consideration.

Ahh, now it's time for pictures. Well, sorry to say but our camera is down again. And I'm not sure it's going to get back up. We are planning on taking it into the shop, but that won't be until next month. So we won't have any visuals to go along with our future blogs, until it gets fixed or we get a new one. Sorry.