A Magical Night.

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I'm sure we all have things we'd like to experience before we die. Sometimes we strive to see to it that it happens, and other times, if you're lucky, they come along all on their own. Well, I'm happy to say that I was lucky enough to happen upon one such experience the other night.

So the other evening Patricia's sister calls down to her (she was in the basement), and says she wanted to show her something outside. So she goes on up and heads outside. I have to admit I was a bit curious, and felt kinda left out that only she was called up. I figured it was either a sister thing or gurly thing, and either way it was surely something I should have no part of. So I was content to staying downstairs.

Well moments later, the door swings open and Patricia is excitedly calling me up. "David, David! You have to come out and see! The Northern Lights are out!" I was confounded. Surely the Northern Lights didn't show up this far south. It couldn't be them. And even if it was, they probably were so distant and vague that it probably was barely distinguishable from the look of a sunset or sunrise. But there was one thing that gave me hope for the best. The tone and excitement in Patricia's voice. Mulling over these thoughts, I halfheartedly made my way upstairs and outside to have a look-see for myself.

Upon stepping outside my first reaction was a dull, 'Hmm, just as I thought'. I guess I was expecting to see the Northern Lights as I had seen them before on tv or the internet. Super bright colours all dancing and frolicking around in the night sky. But as dark as it was outside, it seemed there were no Northern Lights. I guess Patricia saw my reaction because she quickly said, "You have to wait a moment for your eyes to adjust to the darkness." And as sure as eggs is eggs, the Northern Lights began to spring up.

At first it seemed as if there were huge lights shining from the ground behind the trees, up into the sky. Kinda like how, in the city, you can sometimes see when those big Batman calling type lights are shining from a movie theatre up into the sky. Kinda like that, but these light were pretty much everywhere I looked. Then, as I followed the pale bluish finger like wisps of light upwards, they came to a point. It was kinda eerie like the trees were in flames from a ghostly blue fire. It was at that time that I knew this was far from a sunrise\sunset look-alike.

I looked at these lights for a bit, and then Patricia was oohing and ahhing over the red colour. What! What red colour was she talking about? I looked at her and saw that she was craning her neck way back, and looking straight up. So, that's what I did. And sure enough, there were the red colours. They weren't in the same wispy finger shapes as the blue, but more of a typical cloud like shape if, of course, you can say a cloud has a shape at all.

How cool was this?! I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights. Heck, who doesn't. And here they are! Well, it wasn't over yet. We continued to look at the colours of the lights some more, and then something strange began to appear. When I looked directly at the colours, well, that's what I saw. But as I held that view, and then looked beyond the light, I began to see green and indigo. Like using your peripherals. Looking at the red and blue was nice, but it took to look at the sky as a whole to see the real magic. I noticed the red splotches of light, ever so slowly change shape and drift along the sky. The blue tendrils wavered, grew, shrunk and grew again. And all the colours including the green and indigo, separately, faded and then brightened sporadically. As if they were on dimmer switches and somebody was trying to find the right lighting combination. Patricia also noticed that if you looked closely (or maybe 'panoramically' is the better term), all the blue tendrils grew from the ground and converged in the center right above us. As if to make a dome around us. It was all pretty amazing really.

Well, there you go. A truly magical night. We stayed out, marveling, for as long as we could stand the cold. In our haste to get outside, we were ill dressed for an extended viewing. Again, I had no idea that the Northern Lights could be seen so far south. I'm guessing now, that maybe they could be seen even further down. And although the lights I saw where not exactly the same as what I've seen on screen, I was still very happy with the display. And if you haven't seen the wonderful Northern Lights on a crisp clear night, I'd highly recommend that you do.


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Sounds absolutely magickal! :-D What a neat experience.

By Rachel
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You know, I think you are right.... it was magickal!


By David