A Modern Day Stoning

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Although the sun had long past it's zenith in the sky, it's heat was still emanating strongly from the stones strewn out upon the ground. Where once stood a luscious forest of green pine trees and all the bushes and shrubs of the northern wilderness, now lies a barren wasteland of sand and stone. Not a single creature treads upon this part of the earth. Not even the birds dare fly above it. The weeds and shrubs which mark it's borders are cursed to look upon this wasteland every day. Poisoned with the sight of the lands bleak emptiness they shrivel and sag, waiting for the earth to show pity and take their wretched lives.

A lonely family; father, mother and daughter walked into this lifeless island of rock. The air stood still, causing the heat to become stifling. It smothered them, sapping the strength from their bodies. Eyes from the edges of the tree line watched, anticipating the inevitable. The stoning was about begin.

So it was our first day of gathering stone for our stone wall. The spot we found was perfect. It wasn't too far from home, the rocks were plentiful and they covered a huge area. All we had to do was drive up to a pile of nicely sized stones, and toss them in. We picked the stones that seemed good for stacking. Those with nice flat sides and oddly angled ones. I even grabbed a couple of larger ones as well. It didn't take us too long to get enough in the truck to give me a good start.

Along with driving out and getting stone, we decided to have a picnic as well. So we brought an ice chest with some sandwiches. I had also brought my banjo with me. I had written a song for Phoenix and planned on singing it to her. But, I guess with the car rocking on the dirt road, she fell asleep on the way in. But Patricia wanted to hear it so I sung it to her. Well, tried to. I'm not much for public speakings and apparently that goes for family too because I got really nervous. I could barely get the words out. But I sang it, and Patricia liked it. I still need some more practice, but maybe some day I'll post a recording.

After supper, we grabbed some more stone. Phoenix woke up and was having a good time playing on the rocks. She found a large one she really liked. At first she was just laying on it, but then she got on all fours and started howling like a wolf! She's was so cute. We let her play a little more until the bugs started getting bad. So then we headed on home. On the way, Patricia decided to stop and treat us all to some ice cream! Yum-yum.

Yesterday we went out and got some more. Big ones this time. I started building the stone wall, and soon I'll take some pics and post. Here are some pics of our first day gathering stone.


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Looks like alot of hard work there brother and sister. Im sure it will be a great fulfillment once its all completed!! And brother....that is sooo neat you wrote a song with your banjo for Phoenix. How special is that!!!!! She is getting sooo big...wow....and her hair is sooo pretty and long!!!!

I think public speaking does run in the family but with my job, im getting used to it as I have to present in meetings and such.. :/ I still get nervous though and its been 4 years.....LOL!!!

BTW......I find myself coming to your blog no less then once a day to see if you had made a post. =)

Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to pics of your rock wall!!!

By Criddles