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We need to take a moment because we owe a great deal of thanks to many of our family and friends. Without each and every one of you, I doubt we would be where we are today. So from the hearts of Patricia, Phoenix and I, Thank you all for your love and support you've given us. All of you, in one way or another, have helped us achieve our dreams, but there is one family in particular, I'd like to share with the rest of you at this time.

Patricia's sister Dorothy, and her family Chris and Aidan, have graciously opened their home to us, giving us a place to live while we get established enough to go out and live on our own. When we first arrived at their home, we had pretty much no money and only the few personal items that we brought along in our car. So from the start they took care of, I would say, all of our daily needs. We made what contributions we could, but never did it amount to the hospitality they were giving us. Eventually Patricia found a job, and we were able to contribute more, and actually feel like we were making some headway.

But their generosity didn't stop there. Dorothy is a professional horse riding trainer, and has taken the time out of her schedule to give Patricia and I free riding lessons. Soon, even Phoenix will be on a horse, trotting away. During this past winter, our car wasn't up to snuff for the frigid temps, so they let Patricia carpool with them to work. Well, we are well into Summer, and still they are continuing to carpool. Many-a-time has Chris and I relaxed over a much needed cold beer or stiff drink, all out of his cabinet. And Aidan, without a hum or a haw, is more than happy to spend some time with Phoenix, giving Patricia and I some time to ourselves.

And that is not the end of it. They are more than obliging to allow us to run amok on their property. We have turned part of their lot into our gardens. We are building an unorthodox structure on their property which, due to the construction, is currently clashing with their pristine grassy fields. And we are using their barn for storing our building materials. Sure one could say that the gardens and building are technically theirs. But that's not the point. The point is that we, Patricia and I, wanted to garden and get some experience in cob building and they let us do it on their property.

All this is not something that is a 'one-time, here ya go, I hope it helps', kinda help. No, no, no, no. These people have made a commitment to help see us through to the end! And not once have they ever given us the impression that we are imposing on them. Quite the opposite actually. They enjoy our company just as much as we enjoy theirs. We are deeply indebted to them.

Patricia and I know, without a doubt, that had another family of ours were to take us into their home, they would be just as giving and loving as Dorothy and her family. I can recount a number of times it has already happened. My brother and his family, and my dad and his family both took me in during my 6 month 'leave of absence'. My grandparents helped us out unconditionally when Phoenix was born. My mom, during some hard times, gave me a place to call home. And last, but not the least, Patricia's mom gave us the shirt off her back when she invited us into her home.

So as you can see, you all at one time or another gave us a lift when we were struggling. It's just at this point in our lives, it is Dorothy and her family that is lifting us up. And we wanted to express our gratitude to them, and bring to light their contributions to our lives.

Thank you Dorothy, Chris and Aidan for all your love and hospitality.


What an amazing "thanks" Brother, you have come to be a great blogger and writer!

Thank You Patricia's family for taking my brother and his wonderful family into your home and allowing them to experience and live their dream together!!!

David's sister, Crystal

By Sister (not verified)
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Thanks Criddles!

By David
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That was a wonderful posting. It's wonderful to see people pulling together and doing what people ought to do for one another. You are very blessed to have so many friends and family who love you as much as we all do. And, we are blessed in turn to be able to do so. Hugs to you all!

By Rachel
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Doood - crazy eyes. Skerd me.

By Rick
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Deer in the headlights, hehe.

By David

I was a only child until phoenix came along now I know what its like having siblings, its a learning exprerience.

By aidan (not verified)