Phoenix's Yule Gift.

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Well, well, well. What's it's been, like two weeks since my last blog? I would have like to have blogged something sooner, but we first need to do something that's worth blogging about. As far as the cob studio goes, well, there just hasn't been any progress to speak of. I hauled out a few sticks of the old flooring to prep them to be cut and installed. I leaned them against the studio and that's about as far as I got. So what's the hold up? Well, a few things actually, but I'd like to talk about one in particular.

Yule is coming up and there is just so much to do. I have a few handcrafted gifts I'm working on, one of which is a dollhouse for Phoenix. I've just started on it and have most of the walls and floors cut. I still need the interior partitions and I also need to find a large shipping tube so that I can put in a tower. Phoenix just loves princess towers and is always trying to have me make her one out of the oddest of things.

One time, and this is no lie, I was sitting in my chair reading a book while she was quietly playing with her toys on the floor. Then out of the blue she comes over with a handkerchief, and a strip of ribbon and puts them on my lap. She then goes and grabs a small pillow and starts walking back to me. I figured it was 'nap time' for her dolls and they were going to go to sleep next to me on my chair. This is not totally uncommon, but I decided to ask her about it anyways. So she hands me the pillow, and before she could speak I quickly asked her if her friends were going to take a nap? She says, "No Papa. Can you make me a princess tower with this, on the stool?" (I do believe that was word for word.) I asked, "You want me to make a tower with this pillow?" Then she says, "And this. (as she points to the ribbon and handkerchief)" I told her I wasn't sure how to do it, and that she was going to have to show me how. I truly was stumped on what kind of tower she was hoping to make out of our McGuyver'esqe paraphernalia. Now, I didn't ask her to show me because I thought she didn't know what she was talking about. No, not this little girl. 9 out of 10 times she knows exactly what she's talking about. She's done it to me on numerous occasions. She knows where the pieces are supposed to go but sometimes can't make them stay put. And this time was just such and incident. She has the stool on it's side (making one of the tower walls), she places the pillow on top (for the roof) and lastly tries to hang the handkerchief, wrapping around the rest of the stool (making the other three walls) and tying it with the ribbon. When the handkerchief falls down she exclaims, "See! I can't do it. You do it Papa." With a bit of trial and error, and a towel in lieu of the handkerchief, we managed to make a suitable tower.

Anyway, for her love of a princess tower and her wonderful imagination, I decided to build her a dollhouse. Complete with a princess tower. I'm looking for a tube to make it out of, but time is running out, and I need to have it done by Yule. I may have to opt for a hexagon shaped tower. Overall the dollhouse will be designed to the common 1:12 scale. It will be 24" wide, 10" deep, and 27" tall. I have a lot of ideas for this dollhouse, but I'll have to keep it to a minimum, as I have other projects that need tending to as well.

She is still playing 'Mom' in her little kitchen. She is always cooking up something for us or her little 'friends' to eat. Picnics seem to be the new trend in her cooking style, which is quite nice. She puts together quite the spread. She is also the most wonderful hostess I've ever met! Maybe for Yule, in a distant...but not so distant future, when we are on our homestead, I'll build her a play house. One to put her kitchen in and she can have all her friends and family over for tea and biscuits. Mmm... I can't wait!


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I love the tower! Very creative! With her design skills and love of princess towers, her and Mari would get along pretty dang well! I have been taking plans home (ones we don't need anymore) and letting Mari use them as a coloring book/doll house design. She especially loves to pretend she is cooking for which I am usually the Chef and she is the princess. We make a real effort though, to make sure she calls herself a smart princess and not just a pretty princess. In fact, I made up a princess persona called Princella who is a very smart and self-sufficient princess. Whenever we take walks she asks me to tell her a story about 'Princella' - so I make one up as a go along...her MO is that she is always out doing something survivally (like hunting, fishing, gardening, etc) when she hears a Prince in trouble. She rescue's the helpless Prince every time be-it from bandits, to mean bears, to drowning and freeing them from her own bear traps.

But anyways, I think thats awesome and can't wait to see what that dollhouse looks like!

By Rick
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I'm diggin' the interactive story telling! Sounds like fun, and I bet it's especially exciting to listen and watch Mari immerse herself into the story. Cool man!

By David