Poor Productivity.

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So this past week, and over the weekend, not much has been done to the cob home. The entire week was filled with clouds and unpredictable showers. We pretty much left the walls all tarped up. Saturday was the first day that the clouds had broken up, and we were able to do a couple of batches. It was just enough to finish up the east wall. So now we have just two walls to go. And according to the forecast, this week is looking much brighter. Hopefully we can knock out the walls by the end of the weekend.

We are still waiting for the building permit to go through. I'm not sure how that will turn out. We have decided that if the building official asks for engineering, we will just shrink the building so that a permit isn't necessary. Yeah, it will be a sad day if that happens. We figured the east wall will be the best one to remove. But not totally. What we plan to do is tear down the wall to maybe a foot above the stone work, except for where Patricia's medicine wheel window is at. We'll leave all the cob intact around the window and taper it down to the corners. It will ultimately end up as a decorative garden wall. The new wall will be moved in two feet, and will be built with straw bales. We figured this would be the quickest fix. The wall is non-bearing, so we think it will be fine.

We also were able to pick up some lumber for a cheap price. Enough to frame the roof and then some. So I'll be putting the roof together this week as well. I'll build the rafters on the ground and then raise them up. Once the roof framing is up, it will be easier to cover it up from the elements. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. There is still more cobbing to do yet.


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That would blow if they require engineering. Not sure how sticklers they are to the code - I would expect it would have to do with how litigious that area is. Your fix sounds pretty good though - just remember that you will want to somehow prevent the moisture from going inside somehow. Or maybe it would be OK?

By Rick
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Yeah, we'll probably set the bale wall on painted concrete blocks as a temporary set up at first. But eventually we'll replace the blocks with more stone to match the rest of the walls.

By David