Reducing auto emissions.

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The best way to reduce auto emissions is to simply get rid of our vehicle. 

Well, we didn't go that far but we are finding ways to reduce the use of 'Sexy' Red.  (Sexy is the name we gave Patricia's red Aerio SX.)  Patricia's sister kindly allowed her to carpool with them to get to work every day, which was super nice of her and very appreciated.  We live in a small town, so carpooling is very economical.  But still there are times when it can be an inconvenience, or small errands need to be ran and a personal mode of transportation can come in handy.  So, we are adding biking to our lives, both for pleasure and for business.

Phoenix was the first to get a bike.  We had put her name into a draw at one of the local stores here in town called The Northern.  Some time went by and we totally forgot about the drawing, but then one day we received a call.  She had won!  Wow, how cool is that?!  So we hopped into our car and went to pick out her brand new bike.  She was pretty happy with it, but at the time, she was just a bit too short to pedal.  Plus, winter was just getting started, so it kinda worked out just fine.  Spring rolled around, which gave her just enough time to grow a couple of inches.  Plenty enough to reach the pedals.  With a new set of pads and a helmet and she was ready to go!

Next, a new store had opened up in a nearby town that specialized in electric bikes.  At first we just went inside to window shop, but it didn't take long before we were looking at each other, communicating telepathically, discussing of what a bike like this could do for us.  So with each of us taking a short test drive we were hooked, and Patricia became the proud new owner of a foldable e-bike.  We didn't waste any time getting a helmet to go along with it.  In no time Patricia was scooting along down the road having a very good time.  There were some issues with the battery at first.  It wasn't holding a charge properly.  The dealer says this happens sometimes because the battery goes dormant from being in storage.  We simply had it replaced without any hassles. 

So now Patricia is able to take her bike into work,  literally.  She just folds it up, and she can store it right in her office.  Although this idea is perfectly feasible, it's not exactly practical.  The bike is not as light as I had hoped, nor is it something you pick up, sling over your shoulder and away you go.  Folded up, it's actually a little cumbersome to lug through an office hallway.  She may just end up locking it to a bike rack outside.  But only time and use will decide.

It's very convenient for short trips to the corner store and visiting local family and friends as well.  The ride is very quick, easy and fun.  I've tried to figure a way to attach a bike trailer and child seat to it, but a bike such as this doesn't leave much room for attachments.  Rear and front baskets is about all we can do.  There is only one thing Patricia found that would have been nice to have.  Better suspension.  With a hard tail and forks, the only comfort you get is the give in the tires and the measly springs in the seat.  Going 25k/hr over a rough patch of road is a bit brain rattling.  But all-in-all, she is very pleased with it.

As for me, I've thought about an e-bike as well.  There are some that don't fold, and allow trailer and child seat attachments.  But I just don't know.  I like to keep things simple and, most times, enjoy the exertion used to pedal down the roads and trails.  Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Hopefully soon, all three of us will have bicycles, and we can all go scooting around hauling groceries or just enjoying the scenery and having fun.



Awww...cute with her helmet and knee pads!!!

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