Thanks to my brother.

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Thanks, Rick, for allowing our adventure to be chronicled so that family, friends and future generations-to-come could read our story.  Without you the pages within our lives would have been lost forever.  Just another book we would have written, only to be tossed aside and then, forgotten.  Never to have been read, not even by it's writer.  Just another tome to be stacked into a corner with the rest of them, as if they were the fuel used to keep a fire burning so that we can use the light to continue writing.  And endless and pointless cycle.

We came to you, humbly to ask for a favor.  We are in the midst of writing a story about an epic adventure, a fantastical tale of our lives!  We asked that you help us to not let this book become lost amongst the others.  To not allow the words on it's pages to fade, nor the pages within it's covers to crumble.  But to somehow preserve these most important chapters of our lives!

And with the kindest smile on your face, and not the slightest of hesitations, you accepted.  And here it is.  A pedestal upon which to rest our story.  A pedestal of such craftsmanship and so magical that time itself can never touch.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.  You know Brother, all great stories have a hero.  And in this one, you truly are that hero.

Thank you.


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That is one of the best thanks I have ever received.  You are most welcome.   It was my pleasure to do this for your family - not only because you asked and I enjoy doing it...but because I have a lot of respect for what you are doing and want to follow you guys as you go on this adventure.

I'll squash the bugs and add features as you need them - but mostly, I'll be an avid follower on your journey.


By Rick
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You both are amazing men!!!!! NOW....I am proud to tell everyone that you are my brothers! =D

Hahahaha....Love you both and your families!!!

By Criddles