Winter, Or Just A White Summer?

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I don't know if Winter is here or if it's just into the part of Summer that's really cold. My idea of living alongside nature and flowing with the seasonal changes is seeming quite a bit askew. In Spring I was busy with the garden, making the beds and planting. In the Summer I harvested the gardens bounty and worked on building the cob studio all the way throughout Fall. I'd say I was very busy and productive throughout the seasons. So when Winter was on our doorstep I felt I was ready for some rest and downtime just like every other living thing on earth. So why, coming upon the end of December, am I finding it difficult to sit and enjoy the serenity that I know Winter has to offer?

I suppose I can point my finger in a few directions, picking out some possible reasons as to why I'm finding myself in this predicament. For starters, this is the time for gift giving and merry making. Everyone is bustling about, getting ready for the festivities, baking delicious goodies and planning for a very special holiday dinner. I must say I'm wading waist deep in the thick of it all. Yule dinner, Christmas party cookies, wrapping gifts, trips to the post office, and office holiday parties are taking up a good portion of my time. But hey, I don't have a job so I have the time right? Well, not exactly.

I can also attribute my lack of R&R to a few 'small' side jobs I have going on. Recently I took a side job doing some snow shoveling for a local community. I have four houses that need their driveway and patio's shoveled, and one complex that needs all the walkways shoveled. It started out like a side job being an easy way to make a few bucks. But it's turning out to be a full time job. Over all I can do each house in a half hour, and the complex in one hour. So, three hours and I'm back home. Ah, but if it were only that easy. Weekends are not a problem because I go out alone, but on the weekdays I have Phoenix with me and she hasn't quite made the adjustment to our new schedule and activity. After a couple of hours she's ready to go back home. The fact that it snows nearly every day and having to console Phoenix every time, makes it a little more than a side job. I also have been filling in for a cleaning service. Whenever the permanent employee can't make it in to do the job, I take their place. It's another three hour job cleaning a few bathrooms, sweeping and washing a floor at a hardware store, and has lately been on an occasional basis, but it seems I may be taking over as the permanent employee. I'm hoping that when January comes along things will cool down, but I'm not so sure it will be very much. It seems these jobs are going to be the bane of my winter retreat.

So what's the key to a winter human hibernation? I'm pretty sure the answer is, "When in Rome, do what the Romans do." Squirrels stockpile on nuts, bees spend the entire blossoming months making food for winter, and bears fatten up to see them through their extended slumber. Can my family and I do something similar? Can we make enough money and food in three seasons, and still have enough to take the fourth season off? I don't see why we can't. I think we're already doing something similar by budgeting our money between paydays. The problem is trying to budget for an entire year all at once. With all the variables that can change in a year, the task may seem impossible. But still, I think a good amount of time, trial'n'error and dedication should be able to get us pretty close to where we want to be.

In our current situation we can't even begin to start down this path, but at least I've got it simmering on a burner, so-to-speak. In the meantime, we'll keep swimming with the current, working 365 days a year. And I'll keep dreaming of a time where the snow's piled up against our house, the chimney's belching billows of smoke, and we're snuggled down inside. Our tired muscles resting; our stressed out minds relaxing; and our tensions being slept away. Only to be reawakened, anew and refreshed with the dawning of Spring.

*sigh* Even the dream itself is quite calming and, yet, invigorating as well.


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That was absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful view of winter. I know that's your brother's dream, as well.

We, for the most part, fell behind schedule on our Yule items due to the entire household coming down with some kind of upper respiratory thing. Your brother had hopes of us getting quite a bit done on our first app and instead we've both spent the better part of the past week in bed or on the couch. Thank goodness Mari is big and well behaved enough to not cause utter havoc while we've both been down. LOL Another lesson in slowing down, I suppose; but, untimely to say the least.

By Rachel
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Hunny asked me to post this here. And, to tell you that it's not finished yet. :-)

By Rachel